Bespoke Euro Socks

Euro Socks by Samson Socks


Euro Sock Technical Details
The following features are available in Euro Sock design
1. 1x1 rib in top for extra stretch
(3x1 rib if logo/lettering required)
2. Plain knit to leg to include Jacquard logo
3. 3x1 rib in ankle for support
4. Micro mesh knit for foot vents to enable movement and breathe ability
5. Rosso toe seam for a smooth comfortable finish
6. Elasticated foot support to minimise friction
7. Padded sole for extra comfort
8. Arched micro mesh to enhance comfort



PRO - Weight 1000 denier
International Standard Sock

At Samson Hosiery, we have the capacity to provide a bespoke, customised service to cater for your specific requirements. Our Bespoke Euro Socks come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and yarn techniques. We have the ability to include any text, logo/jacquard design or emblem that you may require and include multiple colours of your choice that will meet your requirements.

·      Our Euro Socks are made of a high quality composition made up of Foot: Cotton and 25% Polypropylene; Leg: 5% elastane and 95% polyamide. This is to ensure your feet are kept cool and dry, and increase performance.

These durable, customised socks are designed for a variety of sports including Football, Rugby and Hockey.