Christmas Socks

Christmas Football Socks
PRO - Weight 1000 denier
International Standard Euro Sock

A new product addition at Samson Hosiery, our Christmas Football Socks come in a range of bespoke designs, patterns and colours. These bold socks feature a padded, cotton foot which is designed to keep the foot area cool, dry and for extra comfort. These team wear socks are suitable for a range of different sports, and can be customised within our UK based factory upon request.

        Our Funky/Futsal Socks are made of a high quality composition made up of Foot: Cotton and 25% Polypropylene ; Leg: 5% elastane and 95% polyamide. This is to ensure maximum comfort, in order to increase performance.

These durable, customised socks are designed for a variety of sports including Football, Futsal, Rugby and Hockey.